• Condom treatment – from €390 hydrophobic Protection in 2 layers
  • Body Polish – from €280 cleaning the bodywork – Drying – machine and manual polishing – micro-fiber wiping
  • Gloss treatment – from €99 Application of a hand wax and polishing which will give a mirror effect on your body
  • Teflon treatment – from €290 body Cleaning – Drying – decontamination Claybar – Application of Teflon treatment and machine polishing (3 year warranty), mirror effect, beading effect
  • Ceramic treatment 9h rims (Ceramic Pro Gloss Guard) – from €594 beading effect and a longer maintenance facility
  • Ceramic Rain Glass Treatment – starting at €264 with its hydrophobic power which will help you keep your windshield and windows clean for longer
  • Treatment Ceramic 9h Gold bodywork (Ceramic Pro Gloss Guard) – Starting from €1614 permanent protection of your body from possible natural or chemical aggressions beading effect UV protection guarantee 25 years with certificate authenticity if Used vehicle plan for erasing all micro scratches from €430
  • Treatment Ceramic 9h Sylver body (Ceramic Pro Gloss Guard) – from €920 protection of your body from possible natural or chemical aggressions UV protection to the difference of ceramic gold in 6 layers the ceramic Sylver will have only one layer of ceramic protection and one coat of finish so it will be guaranteed that 2 years if used vehicle foresee a erasure of all micro scratches from €430
  • Treatment Ceramic Pro Plastic-from €390 Application of ceramic 9h on hard materials such as carbon – aluminum – plastic so protected from wear, restored and hydrophobic
  • Ceramic Pro Interior treatment on textiles – from €340 your textiles will be hydrophobic so more stains and easy maintenance
  • Treatment Ceramic Pro Interior stain on leathers – from €540 your leathers will be hydrophobic, but also protected from UV while keeping your leather soft and durable, and finished the color transfer of your garments to your seats

A surcharge can be applied on Mini Van, Limousine, Hummer, Roll Royce, Maybach, 4 × 4 type vehicle

Explanation of the 4 different types of body protection: 1 – The wax which is designed to give shine and to be deperling thus facilitates the ideal washing for a youthful blow to the vehicle 2 – the Teflon which gives it gloss, a guaranteed mirror effect And a more durable hydrophobic protection perfect for a representation of an old collection vehicle 3-Ceramic guard SiCarbon + coating: Ceramic Guard is a new breakthrough in the field of automotive protection. Ceramic Guard reinforces and increases the hardness of the paint, its colour and brightness are visibly deeper, all combined with the "easy to clean" effect and a waterproof layer. Insects disappear like snow in the sun and the paint is optimally protected against street dirt, salt, UV rays, aggressive chemicals and anything that threatens exterior paint. Ceramic Guard offers a standard 3-year warranty on treated paint. The warranty applies if the coating has been applied by your CEA specialist. 4 – The Ceramics Pro 9h from gloss guard: Once the ceramic treatment has been applied, your car will never have been so brilliant. It will also be more resilient in the face of external aggression. The Ceramic 9h treatment has a remarkable and anti-corrosive hydrophobic effect. This process covers the paint of your self with an insulating and protective layer.  

The application of Ceramic Pro 9h on the body of a vehicle amplifies its resistance:

  • Heat (up to 750 °),
  • To UV,
  • To acid rain,
  • Everyday friction that can cause scratches,
  • To wear in general.

The product used places a layer of hydrophobic protection on the car protecting the body from all forms of external aggression. The water does not adhere and slides all the way along the car. The Ceramic 9h also prevents painting, tar or graffiti from adhering to the bodywork. It is still important to specify that this type of treatment makes it more difficult to appear scratches but will not prevent a vandal from scratching your car with a key all along a door. He will have to show more strength.

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