Ceramic Pro is a liquid and transparent nanocéramique coating that can be applied in several layers. Once the polymerization is complete, the solutions on the surface will transform into a durable, but flexible, glass shield.

– Hydrophobic effe
ct – Liquids do not adhere and slide on the coating
– Thermal and ANTI-UV protection
Preserves the original colour with its U.V. filter and withstands extreme temperatures

– Extreme shine
– "glossy" effect, the body color is revived
– "Self-cleaning" effect –
Protects from dirt thanks to its hydrophobic power Maintenance is facilitated
– Anti graffiti
– But also scratches, gravel impacts etc.

– Respectful of the environment –
– Extreme hardness –
– Permanent Protective Shield –

Why should I use Ceramic Pro on my vehicle?

  1. It's permanent!
    Compared to other surface protection products on the market, Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent link with the transparent coating and does not peel off. Once Ceramic Pro 9h has cured, it cannot be eliminated by chemicals. The only way to remove it is to polish it to the machine.
  2. Self-cleaning effect, less main
    tenanceThe softness of coated surfaces does not allow dirt, dust breakage and tar to stick to the paint, rims or glass of your car. This makes it possible to wash your vehicle with less effort and frequency.
  3. Reasonable investmentT
    he coating will protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle from lasting damage. The resale value will therefore be much higher!
  4. Stay like new! Always Once
    the coating is applied, you'll get an unrivalled mirror effect, shine and depth of color! With good maintenance, the finish of your car will shine for many years to come.

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